Timeless Works of Art
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I hope you enjoy browsing through my online gallery of fine sculptures from Zimbabwe.

Each one of these marvelous creations is unique. The sculptures have the capacity to make one sigh, laugh, or stand in awe. The sculptures are creative, the stones themselves are things of beauty; luminous colors with varied speckles and veins.

The sculptures present images of people; sometimes in everyday life situations, sometimes presented in extraordinary poses and supernatural situations. There are sculptures that represent the process of a metamorphosis between human and animal kind. Whether dramatic or whimsical, a spiritual essence blossoms from each sculpture.

This type of sculpture is often referred to as Shona sculpture, and indeed, many of the sculptors are of the Shona Tribe. All of the sculptors presented here are renowned for their creativity and talent.

Fine stone sculptures from Zimbabwe are highly sought after by collectors of fine art, and exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the world.